A Concession Statement from Ben Finkelstein


Despite losing two of the three seats, running for town council with Dan Weiss and Stacey Fox was a gratifying experience. Our slate expressed a vision for West Windsor that our current town council can’t imagine. We reached thousands of voters and I have a renewed love for our town and the quality of life we currently enjoy.

I say this despite the attacks I experienced. The last time I was bullied like that I was in middle school. The other campaign called me crazy. Deranged. Unable to do math. A puppet whose strings were pulled by nefarious PACs. Also, I don’t serve my community. I’m apathetic. And simultaneously, I am going to turn West Windsor into a city. I had never seen myself as a super villain before.

Let’s put that rhetoric aside. The truth is I am proud to have been part of a principled political campaign. My wife, family, and friends are proud. Dan, Stacey, and I are just regular, local people, and we do our best to serve the town.

Of course I am disappointed that Stacey and I lost, but we won’t stop working for West Windsor. We deserve good governance and transparent decision-making. I trust Dan Weiss will help us get there.

I also trust in democracy. Sure it is messy, but it beats the alternative of authoritarianism. Democratic processes aren’t easy, but through this campaign I gained a new appreciation for being an American.

Based on how close this election was, it seems we haven’t made up our collective mind about the trucks. I do hope we have made up our mind about democracy.

Democracy>Fascism. Independent thought>following one who governs by, “Trust me, I know what I am doing!”

We must prepare ourselves now for what will surely be a difficult 2024 presidential election. In just the past few days, Trump called the political left “vermin” and openly discussed putting undocumented people in “camps.” Project 2025 is openly recruiting MAGA devotees to come to Washington to replace federal government employees. If not exactly goose-stepping, at minimum America is facing a flirtation with leather boots.

In West Windsor we regularly vote for Republicans, like Mayor Marathe and Councilperson Mandel. But next year, West Windsor, we need to appreciate the fact that we have that choice. Democracy is on the line. Next year, West Windsor, we must reject authoritarianism and remain a democracy, as messy as it is.

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