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There are four advertisement levels that can be purchased on the site. Image sizes and locations differ depending on the level. Fees are billed monthly.

  • Website Leaderboard ($100): This appears at the top of the website and on the website sidebar. The website top image is 1200 x 310 pixels and the sidebar image is 300 x 250 pixels. On mobile, the 300 x 250 pixels ad will appear at the top of the site and will rotate between articles when another ad occupies the top position.
  • Website Standard ($50): For this ad level, a 300 x 250 pixels ad appears on the website sidebar and a wider narrow image 728 x 90 pixels will appear between articles. On phones, the 300 x 250 pixels image will appear between articles.
  • Newsletter Leaderboard ($75): When daily newsletters are triggered by new content on the site, a 1200 x 310 pixels ad will appear at the top of the email on your desktop and a 300 x 250 pixels ad will appear at the top of your mobile email.
  • Newsletter Standard ($25): This 300 x 250 pixels ad appears within the body of emailed newsletters as seen on a computer and on mobile.

Ad rotation and visibility:

Advertisements rotate at random in each category except Newsletter Leaderboard. So if there are three leaderboard ads running on a site, they will randomly appear (not round-robin). This means that even though it's possible to see the same image a few times in a row, in aggregate, each ad will get the same amount of airplay. If there is a secondary ad placement, as described above, no two images from the same ad will appear at the same time. Newsletter Leaderboard images will rotate, round robin, to ensure they all get equal viewing time. Also, newsletter advertisements will be on "breaking news announcements" whenever those are sent by the editor.

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