Monday the 27th, Town Council Votes to Buy Hot-Rod Muscle Car for Health Department Site Visits!


Some people made a fuss  about the town spending $20k on legal fees to defend the indefensible Bridge Point 8. So let’s talk just a little about our Township spending.

Our Town Council, aka, Marathe’s rubber stamp, will likely vote yes to the purchase of a souped-up Ford Mustang Mach E to be used for Health Department site visits, as ridiculous as that seems. Hard to believe? Clear your schedule for Monday at 7pm and get your popcorn ready. Attend the Town Council meeting by Zoom or in person. Raise your voice!

First, why does the Health Department need a car, let alone a fierce high-performance machine like the Mustang Mach E? Do we not reimburse employees for miles driven? If the purchase truly is in our best interest, I'd love to see that math. 

Why purchase a $51,000+ muscle-car, instead of a more perfunctory, practical vehicle? What we will spend is OVER the the base MSRP so what extras are we adding to the hot rod? Where is the deal? Usually you can get a car well below MSRP, yet we are paying more. 

The Chevy Bolt EV base car checks all the boxes for nearly half the price! Who is in charge of procurement anyway? I would like to hear a sensible explanation as to why they have decided to buy a high performance sportscar for the purpose of Health Department site visits. Exactly whom does this benefit? Certainly not the residents paying for it!

Meeting information can be found HERE. Page 52 of 58 on the agenda details Resolution 2023-R236. Meeting Zoom link is HERE.

Ford Mustang Mach E for $42,995.00 (base model)(Our price $51, 125)- Seats 5

Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT MSRP $27,495 (base model) - Seats 5

Tell your neighbors to get involved.  Attend this Monday, when our Town Council will likely approve spending over $51k on a souped-up Ford Mustang Mach E for Health Department site visits and clinical outreach. Show up, speak out and tell them - let’s cut that expense in half or cut it out altogether! 

Public outrage worked in July, it can work again. In July, it was community outrage and a campaign of shame, brought on by myself and my running mate, Ben Finkelstein, that saved Penns Neck, for now. Council was about to vote in favor of eminent domain to seize residents’ properties to benefit a developer for a gas station! It would not have been on the agenda if they suspected it would not pass. Residents had no idea what was going to happen until our team did some digging. Had we not shown up with neighbors from Penns Neck, there would be bulldozers plowing through people’s homes today to make way for another unwanted gas station in a really bad location. Just goes to show you the value of community engagement. 

The excess spending on the hot-rod is much greater than the $20k some folks were whining over re: Bridge Point 8. That said, knowing BP8 was a mistake, WW should have opted NOT to spend ANY legal fees defending the indefensible!  Why continue to fund and support a mistake? Know that however the trial for BP8 turns out, successful or not, Bridge is so poorly planned it will kill itself. Some of us are just helping it along.

Bring on 2024!!! Once Dan Weiss is inaugurated, there will no longer be clandestine overhauls of our town’s safety, identity or way of life. No more excessive spending on things nobody knows about (without doing time consuming research). No more sewerage systems to nowhere or seizing people’s homes, all to benefit developers.

Congratulations friends and neighbors on the addition of an independent thinker to the West Windsor Town Council in 2024. Dan Weiss, will lead by example and thus, encourage his co-councilors to emulate that same independence. Residents will now get to enjoy transparency and community engagement in government. So, it is with much joy and gratitude, The West Windsor Voice looks forward to keeping you well-informed along the way.  

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